Jonathan Kirkendall MA LPC


Are you good at what you do, but have misgivings about who you are or where you’re headed? 

Do you feel compelled to do whatever you need to change one or more aspects of your life, but are uncertain and overwhelmed about how to proceed? 

Are you looking for a holistic solution to anxiety, depression, or how to foster wellness in your life?

Often, parts of our life can be going well while other parts remain stuck or even create obstacles for us.  We may be successful, gifted, or talented – but are haunted by feelings uncertainty, self-doubt, or confusion – almost as if we never got the “how-to” manual for living.

I can help.  My name’s Jonathan Kirkendall, and I’m a licensed psychotherapist in Washington DC with a deep interest in helping people create sustainable and fulfilling lifestyles.


What Clients Say

I found Jonathan at a time in my life when I needed it the most.

What makes Jonathan a unique and standout mental health professional is that he is simultaneously a peer and a professional, and he walks this fine line with magnificence.

That is what allowed me to open up for the first time as a driven, busy professional: the opportunity to feel heard and be understood  -- with no judgement or uncomfortable pauses.

Sessions with Jonathan feel very personal, relaxing and safe, and when you find someone you have an easy connection to -- like seeing an old friend every time you meet -- it makes all the difference.

~ D.R.


What I Offer

I bring years of experience providing therapy, leading organizations, teaching mindfulness, and addressing crisis situations.  I have a deep interest in wellness and helping people build a life that inspires and sustains them instead of taxing and draining them.

I can help you address mental health issues such as anxiety and depression from a wellness perspective, incorporating evidence based practices that include meditation, hypnosis, nutrition, and exercise.

I can help you heal from past relationships, and help you address issues in your current relationship that might be holding you back from a deeper experience of intimacy and love.

I can walk with you through loss, whether you're grieving a break up or the death of a loved one.

I can teach you meditation, and together we can explore how mindfulness can aid you in help you create the life that you want.

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