NOTE: During the current public health crisis, all appointments will be held online or by phone.

These days, many of us are suffering from the feeling that life is just out of control. Our ways of going through the world have been disrupted, and the how and when of getting back to “normal” is completely unclear.

On top of this shared disrupted reality, we each have specific things to deal with. It may be the loss of a job or a loved one, old wounds that have opened again, or a new issue that stands in your way.

One thing I know is that the way forward is real. You can take control of the things that are within your power, and find ways to heal and grow. I help my clients look at what they’re going through, and find solutions that lead to wholeness and health.

Maybe you have gotten stuck, or sidetracked, or have something that you just keep doing, and that thing has become the obstacle. My job is to listen and suggest ways to address that obstacle, and allow you to return to your natural state of mental well-being.

In addition to traditional talk therapy, there are therapeutic exercises we can do to uncover long-standing issues. There are ways we can use diet and exercise to improve your mental clarity. There are mindfulness techniques from Buddhist psychology. There’s also supplementation, medication, genetic testing, and a range of more traditional and scientific methods to help you focus, decrease anxiety and depression, and relate to the challenges that keep you from living a full and healthy life.

But above all there’s listening to where you are, identifying the persistent behaviors that take you away from where you want to be, and helping you express your natural ability to heal. YOU are my specialty. 

You can go here to see my availability and book an appointment. Call me at 202-550-3589, send me an email, or send me a text at 240-343-3654 (text only), and I'll get back in touch with you. 

Therapy that works for you!

  • Telehealth sessions on a secure, convenient platform from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.
  • Online scheduling: Find the time that works best for you without phone calls or emails. 
  • Sliding scale available for those whose finances have been disrupted by the pandemic. Email me for details.
  • Risk free first session: if you are interviewing a few therapists, let me know. You will only be charged if you decide to return after the first session.
  • Out of network benefits? I provide you with the Reimbursify app to allow fast, easy filing with a smartphone.
  • Discounts for vets and military families.

What  clients say:

"I found Jonathan at a time in my life when I needed it the most.

What makes Jonathan a unique and standout mental health professional is that he is simultaneously a peer and a professional, and he walks this fine line with magnificence.

That is what allowed me to open up for the first time as a driven, busy professional: the opportunity to feel heard and be understood -- with no judgement or uncomfortable pauses.

Sessions with Jonathan feel very personal, relaxing and safe, and when you find someone you have an easy connection to -- like seeing an old friend every time you meet -- it makes all the difference."

~ D.R.

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