My fee for individual counseling is $195, and I do both ongoing and short term (three to six session) therapy, depending on the needs of my clients. While I am not in network with any insurance company, as a fully licensed psychotherapist (“Licensed Professional Counselor”, or LPC) in the District of Columbia, many insurance providers will reimburse you for my services. This varies not only from insurance company to insurance company, but from employer to employer. To find a script to guide you when you call your insurance company, go to my FAQ page.

Couples counseling is $210 for a full 60 minute hour. 

Wellness Coaching

Because healing works both inside out (mind effecting the body) and outside in (the body effecting the mind), I do take a full body, holistic approach and offer clients the opportunity to learn, explore, and implement lifestyle choices that will support a healthy mindset. The Gene SNP DNA Analysis gives us information about your genes and how best to support them. The Healthy Mind and Healthy Mind Plus packages provide one-on-one coaching sessions to learn how exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, and other activities can support a healthy mind, and in many cases, relieve mild to moderate symptoms of chronic anxiety and depression. These packages can help you become a better you.

Gene SNP DNA Analysis: $599

The Gene SNP DNA Analysis evaluates 48 genes and 61 SNPs spanning several different areas of health (diet, lifestyle, exercise, cardiovascular and mental or emotional markers of health). This covers the analysis, one session to review findings in the Gene SNP DNA report and develop your individualized action plan, a customized list of supplements based on your DNA, and one follow up session to review progress and challenges on your action plan and recommend as necessary.

Healthy Mind Package: $1079

This six week, one-on-one wellness coaching program explores lifestyle factors that influence our mental health: exercise, diet, supplements, meditation, community and relationships. Together we will explore how you incorporate specific actions into your life, what obstacles you encounter, and identify concrete action steps you can take.

Healthy Mind Package Plus: $1479

This six week program covers all the information in the Care Package above, using results from your personal Gene SNP to inform and craft an action plan that you will respond specifically to you – from your personality and lifestyle right down to your DNA.

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