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Some of my most satisfying work has been with clients suffering from anxiety, depression, or trauma, who are out of shape, and have minds filled with negative thoughts and messages about their body. Once the anxiety and depression begin to lift, they find themselves walking more, taking up some form of exercise, and feeling more healthy in their bodies. Vitality returns.

If our mind effects our body, can our body effect our mind?


I utilize a weight loss program that is less about dieting and more about lifestyle, and because of that, it can accommodate omnivores, vegetarians, and plant-based diets. It has four main components:

  • Low glycemic eating
  • Body composition
  • Science-based supplementation
  • Education

This program is fully customized to your needs – go as fast or as slow as you want, from the 21 Day Challenge to a twelve week plan and everything in between. To find the weight loss plan right for you, you can take a Weight Loss Profile here.

To more fully customize this program to you, add the Gene SNP DNA analysis to fully uncover what nutrients your body needs and what type of exercise will best support your goal.

Genetics plays a crucial role in how efficiently we burn fat with exercise and how capable our bodies are to perform aerobic exercise. Variations in our genetic code can have both positive and negative effects on how our bodies react to the foods we eat and the workouts we put ourselves through. For example, one particular gene variation—FTO—could lead to increased fat accumulation in men and higher fat mass in women.

The Gene SNP DNA Analysis analyzes gene variants and your lifestyle choices to compile a personalized Weight and Wellness report that provides recommendations regarding lifestyle, diet, exercise and supplementation.

What Clients Say:

Jonathan just gets how DC professionals work. I came to him several years ago with a specific problem and an end goal in mind. He was able to quickly drill down to the crux of the issue, make a plan with me and supported me through the execution process. Every session left me knowing that I made progress.  ~ M. S.

Jonathan offers a safe, comfortable space to tackle the issues that seem just too overwhelming to take on alone.  He sits with presence, patience and kind reassurance, guiding when necessary while always providing an active sounding board.  He taught me how to approach my life with calmer, gentler and more objective eyes and how to navigate and ultimately let go of the swells of emotions to which we often attach ourselves.  Daily, I see the benefits of our work. ~ H.R.

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